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Welcome Brothers and Sisters to the Apocalypse!!

Burboink of Khyber, a Drow Elf  Male who's alignment is Chaotic Good started disciples of apocalypse on the basis of finding mature laid back members whom enjoy dungeon raiding and looting, good party atmosphere,  a "free trade" society possible being an ultimate goal. For those less fortunate due to the apocalypse's approaching doom players sometimes have to settle for lack luster parties just to grind some experience.  In hopes to change that perhaps items that are no longer of use, can be passed down through an organized system of website "Banking" and "Buying" so to speak. The idea is limitless, the implementations have boundaires (for me anyhow).


Guild Member XFIRE Tracking:

As members sign up for there xfire accounts, we can track who is online, how many hours has been logged add more. We can also add random "Most unique" and well thought out profiles, forum posts, quotes, and other random updates. to be updated periodically.

-Stay tuned-

Disciples of Apocalypse - A Khyber Guild
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